From one novice hillwalker to another….


Dear Fellow Hillwalker,


It can be a daunting task, lacing up boots, clipping on gaiters, map and compass at the ready, to take those first steps out onto the Scottish hills. You may have gazed upon them for many years, perhaps you have skirted around them many times on valley or your only contact has been through the photographs on a guidebook page.


You are about to step out into a great mountain adventure that at times will make you dizzy with excitement, drained with fatigue or even fraught with despair at what seems impossible. It is an adventure that once started can not be completed, a thirst that is never quenched, a love affair that will not end.


Not long ago I will like you nervous about what lay ahead, but with every step confidence grows. Every day on the hills brings new challenges and, more importantly, experience. What follows are my ten pieces of humble advice, gleaned from personal experience, to my fellow novice hillwalker:


1. Start planning

2. Get out there

3. Watch the weather

4. Be prepared!

5. Go on a course