You need good navigation skills, especially if alone, when out on the hills. I am lucky that I still remember all that I was taught as a boy about using a map and a compass. Even so, I booked up for a navigation skills workshop that was not only a useful refreshed but I learnt some new skills too. I have been on the course, so I can officially get lost in the mountains now.


Yes, you can teach yourself those skills using a book, but it is reassuring to know that you have got them right under the watchful eye of a mountain instructor. There are many other courses available, first aid, winter skills, and safety on the hills to name a few. You certainly need to learn how to use crampons and ice axes correctly if going out when there is snow on the hills. So, if you want to experience the joys of crisp virgin snow and gracefully curving cornices without sliding to your death or being buried in an avalanche book a winter skills course. The instructor will soon have you hurtling down slopes using the self-arrest technique to safely stop.


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