Having advised you not to worry about the Scottish weather, I give you a word of caution. What may seem like a gentle drizzle and a light breeze at the valley floor can be a howling blizzard at 3000ft. You need to think about the weather and how it may change. Do you really want to be crawling across the exposed Aonach Eagach ridge in a gale force wind? Or emerging on to the summit of Ben Nevis in a thunderstorm?


The excellent chaps at the Mountain Weather Information Service will be your guides. They provide comprehensive daily forecasts assessing the chance of cloud free summits, the effect of wind and whether you will need to wear your thermals. These are just some of the meteorological pearls of wisdom on offer.


Beware! You will become obsessed about being near a computer at about 4.30 every afternoon ready to click through to check if the daily update has been loaded.


More advice – 4. Be prepared!