Although many of us have enjoyed continental style weather over the weekend, even here in the Highlands the weather has been almost Mediterranean, we are not always blessed with blue skies and warm temperatures during a British summer. The perfect antidote for a normal British summer is to transport yourself to the Alps where you will experience long balmy days with never a cloud in sight. In the distance you can hear a faint yodel and there skipping amongst the alpine flowers is Julie Andrews bathed in golden sunlight…… oops got carried away in one of my Sound of Music fantasies again.

Postcard from Timperley may not immediately bring to mind idyllic alpine meadows but as it is being temporarily written from along an Italian Border Route between Menton and Saas Fee it comes pretty close. The daily postings from along the trail is compulsive reading and you immediately wish you were there striding along high mountain paths, gazing upon small mountain villages far off in valleys below. Our bloggers keep you up to date with their progress along the way, the sites that they see (interspersed with photographs when mobile reception allows) and the people they encounter along the way. You will soon realise that the weather is never always perfect as they have had their fair share of showers. They are particularly making me jealous with their accounts of al fresco rustic meals thrown together from ingredients found in the villages and towns they pass through. To me such carefree dining always reminds me of happy summer holidays in Europe. For these reasons Postcard from Timperley is awarded my first "Click It!" recommendation.

They are on day 35 of their trip so hurry now and get hooked by their blog to enjoy the last few weeks of the journey to Saas Fee. You will not be disappointed as your mind conjures up the mournful whistling of a lonely goatherd….. sorry can’t get Julie Andrews out of my head now.