Entries have been somewhat sporadic over the last week as I have been distracted by other things. Planning for a backpack trip over the August Bank Holiday, a couple of days walking, work as Chairman of the local community trust, oh….. and work! Even so, I have had plenty of time whilst out walking to think of new features or posts for Munro Musings.

One of those ideas is a feature called “Click It” where I recommend a website that I have been viewing over recent weeks. When you set up a blog one of the first things you think about and add is a blogroll list. Why do we do this? Is it to impress visitors that we spend a lot of time on the internet? Is it in the hope that it will generate reciprocal links, driving additional traffic to your own blog? Is it a genuine desire to say, “I found these sites useful take a look.”

Whatever the motive of putting a blogroll or list of links on your blog, I often wonder why did they include that particular website? What makes that website useful or interesting to the author? The Click It! feature will do exactly that, give my reasons for including it on my site, why I find the site useful, interesting or engaging. Why the site stands out from the myriad of outdoor and walking blogs and websites that compete to hold our attention.

So keep your eye out, the first Click It! recommended site will be revealed later today. Could it be your site?