Do you ever wonder why we set foot on the hills?  I thought this quote sums up the reason.

“The hills are beautiful. They are beautiful in line and form and colour, they are beautiful in purity, in their simplicity and in their freedom; they bring repose, contentment and good health.”

F.S. Smythe, 1930s Everest pioneer

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A forum post at asking for advice for a novice hillwalker starting out in the Scottish Highlands, got me thinking about what advice I would give. There is so much expert opinion out there on the internet, in magazines and books that it can be bewildering to know where to start.


So I decided to jot down my top ten tips from personal experience since I started walking in Scotland last year. It is in the form of an open letter and the first two tips can be found here. I will be adding the next installments over the next week.


Follow my advice to a fellow novice hillwalker here.