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Going bonkers on

the Ben?

Congratulations to the John Muir Trust for blocking crazy plans to airlift an original Model T Ford to the summit of Ben Nevis. I had to look twice at the date of the Lochaber News, who featured the story on its front page this week, just to check it wasn’t an April Fool joke.

Alas the organisers behind the so called stunt are deadly serious in wanting to celebrate the centenary of Henry Alexander driving a Model T to the summit in 1911. They seem incredulous that the trust have refused to give permission for the event and have recruited local Procost Allan Henderson to the cause. He states that, “This stunt is a one-off and would certainly not set a precedent and, other than a brief fly over by a helicopter, would not detract from the wilderness of Ben Nevis.”

That’s right, a helicopter lowering a car on to the summit of a mountain, surrounded by hordes of photographers, TV crews and reporters to record the event, as well as the flocks of poorly prepared day walkers that would make the ascent just to see this happen, will not detract from the wilderness of Ben Nevis.


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