I still have to watch Monday’s edition of “The real monarch of the glen” and will do on BBC iPlayer sometime later this week. In the meantime I am delighted that Paul Webster over at www.walkhighlands.co.uk has highlighted the forum discussion that I had initiated in his latest newsletter.

His final two paragraphs really do sum up the situation:

“Although Cameron McNeish will be on tonight’s episode to air the concerns of outdoor enthusiasts, many have seen the TV series so far as taking a very uncritical view of the estate’s plans. There is constant talk of ’rewilding’ and restoring the wilderness – and of being a visionary, but very little mention of the alternative view that with a fence around it, charges to enter, and the estate being smaller than the average territory of a wolf pack, the plans actually amount to the building of a huge private safari park rather than a true wilderness refuge.
No planning application for the fence has yet been made. Chris Townsend, president of the Mountaineering Council for Scotland which represents walkers and mountaineers, wrote on the TGO site that “the only way we can make ourselves heard at present is by writing to newspapers, magazines and the BBC about their uncritical promotion and by contributing to internet forums and blogs.”
Those of us who are outdoor enthusiasts need to continue to be active in promoting our views that this crazy idea to establish an exclusive safari park in the Highlands is neither good for the Highlands, the Estate or indeed possibly the animals themselves. The London-based media seem to be in love with Paul Lister and his plans but have never given equal weighting to the alternative arguments. It is time those arguments are heard.