One of the advantages of owning a post office with a sorting office attached, is you don’t have to wait too long after the post has arrived for it to be given to you. No waiting for the postmen to get to your house on the round.


So, I didn’t have to wait long this morning to have a look at the goodies ordered from at the weekend. They may only be a few simple things but they will make walking and camping that little bit easier.


A set of Nalgene plastic travel containers of various shapes and sizes will be great in the backpack and in the tent, especially for keeping different food stuffs.


Then there are the two small hip packs that can be attached on your belt or used as chest pouches. It has taken me a long time to find small pouches suitable for carrying digital cameras, gloves, hats, etc. I don’t like putting them in my coat pockets as it seems to make it feel ungainly and I want easy access to things without stopping to get them from my rucksack. It seems to be really difficult to find pouches that aren’t so big they get in your way or too small you can’t fit anything in. These seem perfect and will be tried out in the Ben Lawers range at the weekend.


The Firefly Lantern that fits on to the neck of a bottle was an impulse buy that will be used in the tent. It uses a wide-necked bottle as a lamp base and the LED lights seem to glow through the liquid in the bottle. Hopefully it will be better than trying to read with a headtorch. That is if I can get the small screws undone to fit the batteries, I’m off to find a spectacle screwdriver!


If you haven’t used this company before you should, their customer service is excellent and dispatch is speedy. To top it all they put a small bag of jelly babies in your parcel – now that’s real service!