I missed the first programme about Paul Lister and his Alladale Estate last night on BBC Scotland. For those of you outside Scotland or who missed it is available on BBC iPlayer.

Once again the BBC seem to be doing Mr Lister’s public relations job for him, seemingly extolling his plans to great a grand wildlife reserve in the Highlands. I have an open mind about the introduction of wolves, brown bear, moose and wild boar. I say introduction and not re-introduction as they have been extinct here for thousands of years and in the meantime the habitat and landscape has changed considerabley. The advocates call it a reintroduction.

I do object to thousands of hectares of land being enclosed behind a 3m high electric fence and asked to pay £45 to access land I have a right to roam over at present. The narrator said Mr Lister wanted to create a little wilderness in the Highlands. Wilderness? More like a safari park.

Perhaps, the remaining programmes in the series will be a little more balanced.